Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Round-Up {1}

Friday Round-Up is a new feature in which I round up all the 
exciting bookish happenings of the week and update you on what I'm currently reading.

1. The TFIOS trailer was released online this week and as a result the internet exploded! As of this afternoon, it has over 6.2 million views on YouTube! You can read my reaction post here.

2. Laini Taylor has revealed the UK cover of Dreams of Gods and Monsters, and it's gorgeous.

3. I read Esther Earl's This Star Won't Go Out, which was so funny and charming and heartbreaking and man, did I cry.

4. I finally got my hands on a copy of Cruel Beauty, one of my most anticipated 2014 reads!

5. In other Laini Taylor news, Daughter of Smoke and Bone has received a library challenge. Not cool. To bring back a quote I posted to tumblr during Banned Books Week:
"The rights and protections of the First Amendment extend to children and teens as well as adults. While parents have the right—and the responsibility—to guide their own children’s reading, that right does not extend to other people’s children. Similarly, each adult has the right to choose his or her own reading materials, along with the responsibility to acknowledge and respect the right of others to do the same." - Robert P. Doyle

6. I have been slowly but surely making my way through Mark Helprin's historical fantasy, Winter's Tale, the movie adaptation of which is coming out in two weeks, starring the handsome Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findley of Downton Abbey fame! Will I be able to make it through the remaining 600+ pages by then? We'll see!

What does your Friday Round-Up look like? Have any interesting book news to share? What did you read this week? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Thank you for sharing the UK cover, I have the other two in paperback but I'm going to have to make an exception and get it in Hardcover haha! Just pre-ordered now :)

    1. I have the US editions in hardback but I may have to splurge and get the UK editions now, too! It's just so pretty!

  2. I LOVE the UK cover for Dreams of Gods and Monsters, and I've also read that the first 3000 people who pre-order that version will have a signed copy. *freaking out* But I'm not sure what I'm going to buy, because I have the US versions and I want all my books to match (it's a thing I have to do).

    You got Cruel Beauty! YAY! I'm still waiting for my own copy to arrive! I'm really excited to read it as it is also one of my most anticipated releases of 2014. I'm hoping my copy will arrive soon!

    1. Oh, my gosh, I was so distracted by the pretty cover that I didn't even read the whole blog post! As soon as I saw that she was signing and personalizing the page with a drawing of Karou, I had to preorder it the UK edition! I don't even care if it doesn't match the others (...well, that's not entirely true. I'll probably get the US version, too XD ).

      Yes! The bookstore didn't have it available on the release day (which made me SO angry), so I had to rush back on Wednesday to see if they had it in. And they did! Hope you get your copy soon! We'll have to compare notes once we've both finished reading! :)


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