Review Policy and Ratings

Hi there! Thanks for reading BooksyDaisy! I am currently accepting ARCs and review copies of YA books. I enjoy books with exciting plots, interesting characters, and, most of all, love stories! Here's a list to give you a better idea of what books I am interested in reading and reviewing:
  • Age Range: YA
  • Genres: Romance, Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Humor, Contemporary
  • Format: Physical copies, Nook e-books, EPUB
Please note that I may decline requests due to lack of time or interest. If I feel I am not able to read and review a book in a timely manner, I will decline the review request out of fairness to the author/publisher. Please indicate in your request if there is a specific time frame in which you would like me to publish my review, as this may affect whether or not I am able to accept. If you would like me to hold off publishing a review until a certain date, please indicate this in your e-mail as well. Requests that blatantly ignore my review policies will be ignored. All reviews will be written honestly and thoughtfully, but providing me with a copy of your book does not guarantee a positive review.

I would also be more than happy to host promotional events such as author interviews, blog tours, exclusive cover reveals, and giveaways, but again may decline due to lack of time or interest.

I am not compensated for the reviews posted to BooksyDaisy. Reviews of books obtained through authors and publishers will include a disclaimer stating how I received the book. Unless otherwise stated, reviews are of books that I have purchased or borrowed.

If you would like to request a review, please send an e-mail to bookgirl2013(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thanks!

Rating System

5/5: An instant favorite.
4/5: A very enjoyable read that I would recommend to others.
3/5: An enjoyable read but with a few elements I disliked.
2/5: This book may have some redeeming qualities but overall I didn't like it.
1/5: I did not like this book at all and would not recommend it.

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