Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The YA Prom

Earlier this month Alexa and Gaby came up with the absolutely brilliant idea of hosting the YA Prom, a chance for us book nerds to dream up our ideal prom night. It's been my dream since I was fifteen years old to go to prom with Edward Cullen and now I finally have my chance (sort of)!

THE DATE: I knew from the moment I saw Alexa and Gaby post about the prom that my date absolutely had to be Edward Cullen. He was the first YA boy I fell completely head over heels in love with. :) THE DRESS: Not only is this dress just plain gorgeous, but it's also very similar to Stephenie Meyer's version of Bella's prom dress. THE SHOES: Yeah, they're Gucci, but since this is my dream prom I'm going all out! THE JEWELRY: The bodice of the dress is so intricate that you really don't even need much jewelry, so I went with simple but sparkly bangles. THE HAIR: I love how simple yet elegant this style is! And this time, my curls would last the whole night (at my actual prom my hair was stick straight again by the end of the night, haha).

And finally, it wouldn't be prom without some great music so here's a little playlist for the night:

Thanks again to Alexa and Gaby for hosting this awesome event! Don't forget to join the Twitter party at 8:30PM (#YAProm). 


  1. Love your shoes and especially your dress! Great pick!

    YA Prom 2014!

  2. Wooow...that dress is stunning! I think Edward would be totally smitten with it! Great choices!

  3. I like your dress better than the one from the Twilight movie! Excellent choice of date. Let's double date - I'll bring Jacob.

  4. Whoa, dress! I couldn't see it very well on twitter. So fabulous!

  5. This looks like such a wonderful prom! Love it! Also that playlist is wonderful! I'm playing it now:)

    Check my YAProm out @

  6. everything about this is perfect :) ~daphne


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