Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Things (That Aren't Books) That I'd Like To Own

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic:

Bookish Things (That Aren't Books) That I'd Like To Own

1. A reading nook/window seat: Ever since I was a little girl, one thing I've always wanted was a cozy little hiding place where I could tuck myself away to read in peace and quiet. I've never had a room with a window seat, but someday I'd love to have one.

2. A home library: I think just about all of us are familiar with the scene in Disney's Beauty and the Beast in which the Beast surprises Belle with that fantastic library. And I think that most of us bookish types would give anything to have a library like that. My dream is to one day have a home with a giant library room to fill with all my books (and if that library is equipped with a spiral staircase or ladders, all the better!).

3. Katie Daisy book plates: If you haven't heard of Katie Daisy and seen her gorgeous, whimsical artwork, allow me to direct you to her Etsy shop. I'm not sure she sells these book plates anymore, but I'll be the first to buy some if they become available again!

4. This Harry Potter mug: Because who doesn't need a Harry Potter mug?!

5. A replica of Sirius Black's wand: Yes, I am one of those geeks who frequently drools over those Noble Collection catalogs...and even own a few things from it. So far I've acquired Hermione's wand, the Elder wand (which my wonderful dad got me at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter), and Hermione's Time Turner. Now I want Sirius's wand because the engravings on it are so cool!

6. The Clockwork Angel necklace: How gorgeous is this necklace?! Unfortunately, the really nice ones are far too expensive for me to justify buying (at least for the moment).

7. The Folio Society editions of Andrew Lang's Fairy books: Technically, this list is supposed to be things that aren't books...but the chances of me getting these particular editions are so slim that I've decided to throw them on the list anyway. I have always been, and still am, a huge fairy tale lover, so when I saw these books on tumblr, I immediately had to track them down. I found them...and nearly cried when I saw the price. The books are absolutely gorgeous, but at $80 a pop I don't see myself owning them any time soon, if ever.

8. Penguin Books tote bag: I love the look of these editions of the Penguin classics, so of course I freaked out when I saw they had matching tote bags!

9. Old-fashioned Harry Potter postcard postersI absolutely love how the artist of these posters gave an old-timey postcard feel to their depiction of Hogwarts and the Quidditch World Cup and the Hogwarts Express! So fun! I'd love to hang these on my walls.

10. ALL OF THE Sacchi bookmarks! You know those shiny metal bookmarks with the ribbons and beading that you always see hanging on the bookmark carousel at Barnes and Noble? I love them! They are my favorite bookmarks ever and I'd love to have a collection of them.

Check out my "Bookish Things" Pinterest board to see what else is on my bookish wishlist.


  1. Did you know when you go to the Wizarding World you can actually mail post cards from there and get them stamped at different locations? Well at least you could when I went a few years ago! I love post cards!

    Top Ten Bookish Items

    1. I didn't know that! That is so cool!

  2. I'd love a reading nook. I just like the thought of snuggling in somewhere special to devour a book. Great list!

  3. I want a window seat reading nook! It can go in the library with wall to wall bookshelves that I want! Great list =)

  4. I have clockwork angel in my list too! I want it so badly makes me feel so Tessa Gray-ish LOL
    great list! most of them are HP related \o//

  5. A bookish tote bag would be absolutely amazing! I would fill it with books at every library trip. x) But that clockwork necklace...insta-love. xD My TTT!

  6. So many great things here! I particularly love the folio editions and the Harry Potter postcards.

    Under The Mountain's reading rooms that will make you drool. Hopefully.

  7. Your list is awesome! I would love a cozy reading nook by a window. Maybe in my next house...I would love a Harry Potter wand too, I just don't know which one to choose.

  8. I WANT A HARRY POTTER MUG! and those sacchi bookmarks are so cute! I didn't know that's what they called them. I. Want. Everything

  9. I reeeaaally want book plates for my books! They're so dorky. I want a million of them. And that HP mug is super cute! Great list :D

    Megan @ Bookworm in Love

  10. A home library and a window seat would be awesome! Great list :)

  11. oh gosh. i bet every avid book lover remembers the beauty and the beast library. great pick!



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