Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stacking the Shelves {4}

By far the most exciting addition to my bookshelf this week was Laini Taylor's Dreams of Gods and Monsters! I ran out to the bookstore Tuesday night to get it, even though I was in the middle of rereading Daughter of Smoke and Bone and still am (it's been a busy week...but more on that in a minute). I might have squealed a bit when I saw that Barnes and Noble also had the copies with the signed art print of Karou, which I had thought only came in the pre-ordered editions. I'm planning a giant DoSaB review post once I finish the trilogy, so keep your eyes peeled for that (there will be some other fun stuff thrown in, too).

Ahhhh! It's finally mine!

I also made a trip to the library this week (surprise, surprise) and hidden in this picture of my haul is the reason why I haven't gotten much reading accomplished this week:

Looks like a fairly normal library haul, right? I've got some YA, some fairy tale retellings...but wait--why do I have a copy of the 2013 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market, you ask? Well...because I got some very big news this week:

I've been accepted to a publishing grad program this summer! Ahhhh!

I found out on Wednesday afternoon and I've spent the rest of the week in a state of simultaneous shock and excitement. I've known for a while now that I want a job in publishing, but without internship experience it's almost impossible to get your foot in the door. The program I'll be in isn't an internship but it's just as good, and I'm absolutely thrilled I've been accepted! One of the first things I did after finding out was to run to the library and grab whatever books they had on children's and YA publishers (which, as you can see, was not very many). I've been poring through it and compiling a list of all the different publishing companies and their imprints, making note of the types of books each one publishes. I'm so excited and I just want to learn everything I possibly can before I go!

So tell me, what books did you guys pick up this week? Are you reading anything particularly good this weekend?


  1. I cannot wait until I get my hands on Dreams!
    Congrats on the grad program! That is so awesome!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. I'm dying to get my hand on the third in the series too, got a signed copy on preorder but amazon say it wont be here until 28th? :( Really gutted about that.
    I hope youre enjoying your reread though.

    Also grats on the program! I hope its amazing :)

    Lauren @ Northern Plunder

    1. Oh no! :( Well, I hope it arrives sooner than they said!

      Thank you! :D


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