Wednesday, March 19, 2014

15 Times the Struggle was Real (Bookworm Edition)

Sometimes, being a reader is hard. These are some of those times.
 Inspired by this post on BuzzFeed. 

1. Having to return that library book you're still not finished with because you've reached the renewal limit.
"But...but...I just need it for a few more days!"

2. Forcing yourself NOT to turn around and spend the money you just earned from selling your books at Half Price Books at Half Price Books.
This whole being-a-responsible-adult thing sucks.

3. Checking out the maximum number of library books but still having more books you wanted to check out.

4. Goodreads being down while you're at the library/bookstore and you can't remember what book was next-up on your TBR list.
"I think the author's last name started with an A...? No, maybe an E..."

5. Having less than $2 on your B&N/Kindle/e-reader gift-card-of-choice. If you just had a little more you could at least buy a bargain e-book.
Le sigh.

6. Lending a book out to a friend and spending the next month (or longer) in a constant state of book separation anxiety. "Why did I let them borrow it? Have they seriously not finished it yet? What if they lost it and are too embarrassed to tell me? What if they spilled something on it? What if they dog-ear the pages?!"

7. Reading in bed and having to constantly change positions because your arms get tired from holding the book. So you flip onto your stomach, but then your elbows get sore from holding up your body weight. So then you roll to the side but can only see the page angled toward you, so you read with one eye squinched shut. Eventually, you end up in the position you started in and repeat the process all over again.
CassJayTuck has a hilarious video demonstrating this very problem.

8. Reading in a room with the TV blaring and you cannot for the life of you concentrate on your book because your attention is continually drawn back to the TV, even if you couldn't care less about whatever's on.
Even commercials distract you. Thanks a lot, brain.

9. Carrying an armload of books around the bookstore and having to calculate the price of them all in your head and make the agonizing decision of which ones to put back.

10. Having to put down your book in a hurry without anything to bookmark your place.
Do not dog-ear, do not dog-ear, DO NOT DOG-EAR!

11. Buying an e-reader so you can pack lighter for your travels...but ending up taking five physical books anyway.
Hey, you need options. And your books will be so lonely on your shelf if you don't take them.

12. Being so far behind in a book series that you're wary of getting on social media for fear of spoilers.
"I see book spoilers. They're everywhere."

13. Loving a book that everyone else hates.

"But that book is terrible!"

14. Hating a book that everyone else loves.
"I can't even..."

15. Being so excited to see the premiere of a book to movie adaptation only to realize the movie is horrible.
"It could have been so great if it weren't for [insert actor(s)/director/screenwriter's name here]."


  1. The reading in book one is so true!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. These are so true! I lend out a lot of books, and right now I have two people borrowing me for the first time, and I'm a little bit worried. I'm afraid they'll lose my book or not return it for weeks!

    Concerning number eight, yes. I can never concentrate on my book when there's a tv on. I can't concentrate when people are talking either. And number twelve reminds me of how I was when Allegiant first came out.

    You did good on this list! These are definitely struggles that we bookworms go through.

  3. Haha these are all so true! Especially the one about reading in various positions - unless I'm completely absorbed (and even then sometimes!) I just can't stay comfortable for the whole book. I haven't tried reading in an arch yet though ;)

  4. Love this list! I experience so many of these! :D

  5. Ha! I've experienced nearly all of those but especially 1, 13, and 14.


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